About Us

Read Right is not just a program; it is a philosophy that revolutionizes the way we approach reading improvement. Since 2010, Read Right Tutoring has transformed struggling readers into excellent readers with highly effective reading improvement services for children, teens, and adults. Improve your reading anywhere— our online program provides tutoring to you at home, school, or on the road!

Our methodology grew out of necessity. Despite having a PhD in learning and reading intervention, Dr Dee Tadlock couldn’t explain why the strategies she had learnt weren’t helping her own son to become a successful reader. Dr. Tadlock recognized that true mastery of reading is not achieved through repetitive drills or sounding out. 

Desperate to help her son, her studies took her through a diverse range of disciplines, including cognitive psychology, linguistics, and educational theory. Dr. Tadlock’s journey led her to discover a new innovative approach. Read Right harnesses the natural learning abilities of the human brain. Reading fluency and comprehension thrive when readers embrace the fundamental principles of thought and language. By tapping into the brain’s innate capacity for pattern recognition, meaning-making, and critical thinking, Read Right unleashes the reader’s true potential.

For more than 100,000  students worldwide the impossible became possible –  the joy of reading became a reality for them. It’s time for Australian students to discover this rapid reading improvement program, too. Welcome to Read Right.


How Read Right was developed

When Dr. Dee Tadlock, the founder of Read Right, saw her son struggling with reading, she delved into research on how the brain learns and what successful readers do differently. She was already a reading specialist and so knew the answers must lie outside the field of traditional education. After years of research, she discovered the key elements to unlock the brain’s power to learn to read. Her groundbreaking insights challenged traditional notions of reading instruction paving the way for a new era of learning. Watch the video to discover more.

A woman with black hair and glasses smiles at the book that she is reading.

Our Promise

We’re committed to helping your child improve their reading skills.

If a student hasn’t shown progress after the first twelve tutoring sessions (which we define as a reduction in symptoms from their initial assessment), you can call it quits and we’ll give you a FULL refund for those sessions. Just remember, the reading assessment charge isn’t refundable.

At Read Right we want to help EVERY student to succeed. So why not give us a try?

Meet The Team

Meet our Read Right online tutors today, who are all dedicated to helping struggling readers become excellent readers. Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in teaching reading skills to students of all ages and abilities.

Meredith Graham headshot founder of Read Right Australia

Meredith Graham

Director of Read Right Australia

Meredith became interested in the power of Read Right over 10 years ago. She has spent time working and training in the USA with Dr Dee Tadlock, the founder of Read Right. Her experience with the program, and her own children’s experience, leaves her with no doubt about the life-changing potential of Read Right. Throughout her career, Meredith has developed a passion for helping children overcome reading difficulties and achieve success in their education.

Dr Dee Tadlock presenting a lecture in front of a lectern

Dr. Dee Tadlock (PhD)

Dr Dee Tadlock is an extraordinary trailblazer, a visionary in reading improvement. She pioneered the groundbreaking program, known as Read Right after her own son had a reading problem. More than 4 decades later, Dr. Dee Tadlock’s Read Right program stands as a testament to the transformative power of human ingenuity. She is an inspiration to aspiring readers and educators alike, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all.

Do you see yourself here?

Could you be our next Read Right tutor?

Giving the gift of literacy is a powerful thing. Tutors do not need a background in education necessarily. All training to become a successful tutor is provided by Read Right. To find out more about opportunities to join the Read Right Australia team, please contact us today.

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For children 7+, teens and adults with minor to severe reading problems. Quick results, live online tutoring.