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A solution for any reading problem.
Read Right methods achieve results that are unmatched and astounding. The traditional field of teaching reading has not changed dramatically in 150 years. Whereas Read Right was founded on neuroscience. To understand how to teach reading, one needs to understand how the brain learns. Read Right has developed a reading excellence program that can help anyone who wants to be a better reader.

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For Kids - primary & secondary school students

Have you been looking for ways to improve your child’s reading and no matter what you try, it hasn’t made a huge difference?

We promise reading improvement for your child. Instead of using traditional reading methods, we teach reading based on how the brain learns. No matter the reading problem, better reading starts here.

Find out how our online tutoring program, founded on neuroscience, can help your child achieve quick results. There is nothing to lose, but their dislike of reading.

English Language Learners Online Tutoring

Want to become more confident in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English?

Unlike other English as a Second Language ESL programs that rely on memorising vocabulary and grammar rules before using the language, Read Right’s methodology encourages students to learn the language through practical use. By mirroring the brain’s natural language learning process, Read Right is a more effective and efficient way for English Language Learners to achieve their reading goals.
Read Right Works for All English Language Learners
—even those with reading problems.

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Special Needs Education Online Tutoring

Looking for a rapid reading improvement program that is proven to help special education students achieve their reading goals?

Read Right’s methodology routinely helps special education students make two to three full years of gain in reading ability in one school year.

For struggling readers, the usual solutions can leave them feeling stupid and silly. Phonics and dyslexia programs mostly focus on the same thing, ultimately leaving the struggling reader to wonder what’s wrong with them? The road to reading can seem slow, boring and immensely frustrating.

Read Right’s online tutoring is designed to permanently transform struggling readers into confident readers, mostly within weeks and months.

Easier reading starts here

Reading Improvement Program for Individuals

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The reader will be assessed for entry reading level. If you are a parent of a student, you can observe. (If the student is a non-reader, they are assessed for phonics knowledge).


At the booked tutoring time, use provided logins to connect to your online tutoring session. The student will need a headset with a microphone and a webcam, to communicate with their tutor and access all books and resources online.

Tuition Commences

Work with your assigned Online Tutor who will guide the student through the highly structured and successful Read Right program.

The Online Read Right Promise

We’re committed to improving all our students reading skills and we have a REAL promise to prove it.

If a student hasn’t shown progress after the first twelve tutoring sessions (which we define as a reduction in symptoms from their initial assessment), you can call it quits and we’ll give you a FULL refund for those sessions. Just remember, the reading assessment charge isn’t refundable.

Your Read Right Questions Answered

Children ages 7 and up, teens, adults with mild to severe reading problems Dyslexic students. Special Education students, including learning disabled students. English language learners. Developmental college students. Adults who have struggled with reading for years.
Reading Is Taught Wrong: The reading field operates on a foundation of erroneous assumptions. At Read Right, we have found that the two most significant assumptions are that teachers can explicitly tell students what they need to do to read and that the foundational skill and main event of reading is decoding and/or individual word identification. These assumptions are wrong. Our methodology transforms struggling readers into excellent readers without ever asking a student to decode a single word. Explicit Teaching vs. Implicit Procedural Learning: Neuroscientists have long acknowledged the implicit nature of procedural learning. All processes that require a “how-to” like reading are learned and operate primarily below the level of conscious awareness. At Read Right, we provide the right environment for implicit learning, unleashing the power of the brain to make sense of the world. Focus on Individual Word Identification or Meaning: Is word identification the foundational skill for reading? Recent neuroimaging studies suggest otherwise. Identifying individual words and passage reading are separate and distinctly different cognitive acts. The brain’s function is to make sense of the world, and successful learners continuously search for meaning. Thus, the foundational skill of reading is anticipating the author’s intended meaning. At Read Right, we understand this difference and have developed a unique approach to reading instruction based on it. Comparison with Main-Stream Reading Theory: At Read Right, we have developed our methodology based on a deep understanding of the implicit nature of procedural learning and the importance of meaning over individual word identification. Our approach challenges the main-stream reading theory that phonemic awareness must be explicitly taught because it is a necessary prerequisite for decoding and word-attack, and that the foundational skill and main event of reading is the ability to easily and comfortably identify each word using decoding, sight word recognition, and word attack skills. At Read Right, we believe that every student can learn to read proficiently. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the implicit nature of procedural learning, and we provide an environment that enables and compels the brain to figure out for itself how to make reading happen. Our unique methodology has proven to be effective in transforming struggling readers into excellent readers. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your child achieve reading success.
Read Right tutoring is highly effective because we use an immersive environment and highly structured methods to address BOTH explicit/declarative learning and implicit/procedural learning. Both are essential for reading success. Virtually all other reading interventions focus on the explicit aspects of reading development. Scientific neuro-imaging studies have documented that the human brain processes explicit information and implicit neural activity in significantly different ways. Read Right methodology uses implicit/procedural learning to harness the brain’s natural “plasticity,” or the ability to construct and remodel the neural networks that guide all of the functions we perform, including reading. Top athletes and musicians use implicit/procedural learning all the time to perfect their abilities!

Better reading starts here

Quick results.
There's nothing to lose but your dislike of reading.

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