Reading Soars in Grade 5

Gold Coast student overcomes his difficulty and dislike of reading in just 3 months.
10 year old boy lying on a white bed, enjoying reading a book

Namal and his Mum, Manuela knew that they had to try something different. Namal found reading was an effort and not at all fun. Despite having a year of tutoring prior to Read Right, he still found reading a chore. After a consultation with Read Right, Namal began tutoring with Grade 3 text. After just a few weeks, Manuela contacted his tutor to say they could already notice a difference. Namal was diligent with his home reading too, and made sure to practice his assigned books every day. After only 3 months, Namal graduated from Read Right having demonstrated excellent reading in Grade 5 books. Namal and his family couldn’t be happier with his progress. His confidence has improved, his reading is more clear, and he is now happy to read. Namal’s advice to someone who wants to get better at reading is to “Try the Read Right program!”



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