Grade 4 Boy was a non-reader prior to Read Right. Now he is reading like his peers.

Zach started his brand new school when he was in grade 4. Prior to his enrolment, Zach had been home-schooled and he had not yet developed the ability to read. Zach was virtually a non-reader, and he was excited to be a part of his new school’s Read Right program. During grade 4, his participation in Read Right resulted in advancing his reading level from kindergarten/Prep level to grade 3. By the end of the next school year, Zach was reading at grade 5 level. In just two years, Read Right enabled Zach to catch up to his peers (a gain of five grade levels).

Further evidence that Read Right got the job done comes from Zach’s success in multiple language arts activities. On the reading test at the end of grade 5, Zach passed with a percentage of 88%; he scored 25 out of 25 on a vocabulary test. His accumulated word count in his supplementary language arts program for his year in grade 5: a third of a million!

Zach’s reading tutor says, “He just can’t stop reading. Read Right has given Zach the confidence and ability to be a success in his future school years and life.”



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