Special Education Director Explains Read Right Success

Dr Pat Harper, Executive Director of Special Education explains why Read Right achieves phenomenal results with special education students.
A special needs boy with glasses is reading a book and smiling about what he has just read.

Dr Pat Harper, was Executive Director of Special Education in Texas. Before Read Right, her work consisted of helping struggling readers, many of whom were 4-5 years behind in reading. Since introducing Read Right to her schools, the number of children in special education has decreased by approximately half – down from approximately 1300 to 600.

Her first impression of Read Right was very positive. She visited a school where they had been using Read Right for over 8 years, and the tutors she interviewed were still so excited by the results they were achieving. “A program that keeps the tutors that excited for so many years, has got to have something to it”, she said. Likewise, the students she interviewed admitted that Read Right had changed their lives.

Dr Harper explains that most of her students begin Read Right after Grade 3. That’s because in the early years, reading continues to be taught with the traditional phonics base, and if students struggle they undergo regular interventions. Dr Harper wishes they could start with Read Right. She firmly believes that reading problems are not difficult to address in students between grades 3 and 12, now that she knows about Read Right.

“For eight years, I have witnessed this reading program transform the lives of my students and their families. Establishing Read Right in our ten districts is the most important thing I have accomplished in my 24 years as an educator”.



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