Severe Dyslexic Overcomes Reading Problem

Justin was a severely dyslexic adult who started with Read Right after finishing secondary school. He completely eliminated his reading problem and went on to enrol at university.
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Justin was diagnosed as severely dyslexic by the Children’s Hospital when he was in grade two. From then on, he received special education services at school, and his family hired private tutors to help him. When he finished grade six, he was struggling at a grade one level of reading. At this point, his family made the difficult decision to send him as a boarding student to the internationally-known Landmark School for Dyslexics. After two school years his family took him out of that school and brought him home. He had made virtually no progress in reading in those two years. Justin finished his schooling at a local high school –again receiving special education services and being assisted by private tutors. He graduated with a special diploma–still struggling at a first-grade level of reading.

Justin’s mother, an educator, heard Dr. Tadlock give a presentation about Read Right at an education conference. Intrigued, she spoke at length with Dr. Tadlock and then encouraged her son to become a student in Read Right. He reluctantly agreed–he was pretty tired of trying program after program, always with the same result: failure. He had no reason to believe that this would be any different. But it was. In just over 200 hours of participation in Read Right Justin eliminated his reading problem and became a totally excellent reader.

Then what happened? Justin attended a major university, was on the Dean’s list more than once. Then, much to the surprise of friends and family, he dropped out because he had decided he wanted to be a tradesperson. He became a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber so he would know what his sub-contractors were doing. He has now established and runs his own plumbing business.

Justin’s life would have been significantly different if his mother had not attended Dr. Tadlock’s presentation.



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